The Dark Brood

Fallcrest: The Beginning
Our adventure begins.

The Beginning:

Our heroes gather in the City Square of Fallcrest, a bustling yet quaint metropolis located in the Nentir Vale, home to many historical areas: one being Kobold Hall. The characters present are:

  • Percival, a male dragonborn sorcerer
  • Sirad, a male human fighter
  • Krescent, a male dragonborn warlord – all level 1.

The party have gathered together under the query of Teldorthan Goldcap, a dwarven armourer who talks about how his caravan of goods was attacked by a gang of Kobolds, known to be living in the Nentir Vale. Through asking around, the party stumble across a depressed man for unknown reasons, a man named Lawrentius, who seems sad. Through some streetwise talking, the party manage to get some information out of him, of how the kobolds have taken over a once-famous manor named Kobold Hall owned by an unknown lord. The name has been long forgotten.

The party trek towards it, following given directions, but are suddenly ambushed by a gang of kobolds who gain the upper hand. The party fight throughout the morning, and Sirad is bloodied by the constant attacks and barrages of the skirmishers and minions. Don’t forget the bramble hedge. Finally, the attack ends and the party takes an extended right into the evening before arriving at Kobold Hall.

Krescent smashes the door down with a hefty well-placed chop, scuttling the door and they enter. A sludge pit fills half the room, and on the other side, is a cackling kobold slinger. Kobold skirmishers emerge from the room behind as the portcullis slides to a close with a madcap kobold minion laughing behind.

The encounter begins – and fights duly on until the night. The party, once done, with their kobold slaying duty of Krost and Krost’s brother (kobolds) take an extended rest, using up trail rations.

The next day, they re-enter Kobold Hall and take the stairway down into the tomb. Four coffins adorn the floor, and an altar seems to be tactfully guarded by three Kobolds. Sirad moves forward, and a suit of armor, flings a dart from its visor, and impales his foot, immobilizing him. The party spreads out around the room, only to be met with pressure-plate triggered traps from the suits. Finally after ushering the last Kobold into the same trap via Percival’s Dragonfrost, the last kobold falls talking about “the master”.

What lies in store for our comrades, as they venture deeper and deeper into Kobold Hall?
Find out next time!

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